About Gumusluk / Bodrum

Bodrum Gumusluk is 23 kilometers from the city of Bodrum and is set amidst tangerine groves.
The shoreline is decked with seafood restaurants.

Gumusluk roughly means 'from silver'. Piri Reis explains how this village got it's name in his written work in 1521.
He explains that during the reign of Sultan Mehmet II, flourishing silver mines existed near the town and the city was named after them. However, the locals argue that Gumusluk gets its name due to the silvery light emitted by the sea's phosphorescence at night.

To the right of it is a little island called Tavsan (Rabbit). When the sea is shallow, you can literally walk to this island via the small causeway of stones that was built in Hellenistic times. While making your little 'walk' to this island, make sure to check out the remains of ruins underneath the water. The stones are still here, but the rabbits that gave their name to the island alas have all but vanished.

Gumusluk has been the scene of some momentous events in history. When Anthony and Cleopatra set sail for Rome they made a stop here. Myndos is where Brutus and his fellow conspirators hatched their plan to murder Julius Caesar and is also the site Brutus fled to and hid for a time after the assassination. Today, this 5,000-year-old site is an important part of Turkish tourism. It is totally cosmopolitan and very popular, particularly whith British tourists.

The history ot the town is at least as old as that of Bodrum Gumusluk is the site of a Lelege town founded 5,000 years ago, then called Myndos. No excavations have ever been undertaken here, however, records are full of references to the city. The cove is the best-protected natural shelter along a shoreline that is constantly exposed to the wind. Also, the entrance to the cove is concealed by the land in such a way that one can find it only if one knows exactly where to look. A strip of sand encircles the cove.

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